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Aloe from Green Our Planet 

A mobile app made for corporate giving programs, by using hydroponic growers with the goal of creating a tribal effect with community participation. 



Apr'22 - Jul'22 

Project Type

Thesis Project


Alice Hsa, Sabrina Hsu, Kadie Despain


Figma, Miro, PowerPoint

Problem Statement

Green Our Planet is facing challenges in securing funds for school programs due to the rising trend of community giving in the US, the limited viral popularity of hydroponic growers, and a lack of clarity among clients regarding project goals.

Solution 1 - Site Schematic & Site Audit

To provide a clear picture of the underlying issues at the current website & identify what's need to be improved

Site Schematic.png
  • Excessive sub-pages

  • Expired external links 

  • Outdated content

  • Unorganized content hierarchy

  • Navigation is all around the places (not user-friendly)

  • Unreasonable amount of CTA

Solution 2 - Interview Stakeholder

To better understand the project goals, resource limitations, and future expectations

Meet Ciara


" It would be interesting if we could come out with something like Peloton (high-energy indoor cycling workouts). I always feel competitive as if my adrenaline is boiling every time when I see my ranking drop. I believe that's the kind of energy we need to improve users' engagement."

Wait a min! So gamification it is? 🤨

Team Meetings

GoP Stakeholders

  • GoP wish to increase their brand virality via social media promotion

  • GoP wish to obtain more sponsorship to support their school programs

  • GoP wants to improve user engagement  via gamification features 

  • GoP wants to create a new branding strategy to enhance their brand identity

Solution 3 - Brainstorming

Based on stakeholder needs, the team formulated questions to determine the optimal design solution.


Based on the brainstorm session, we proposed

Creating a hydroponic mobile app for the corporate giving program?

Solution 4 - Market Research

Conducted research to learn more about hydroponics and it's market opportunities

Fund raised / year

Approximately $ 5 Billion

20-25% ⬆️ in yield

Making it possible to ease world hunger issues

Longer tenure

75% employees engaged in corporate giving program

Water Consumption

70% of the water usage on earth goes towards traditional agriculture production

Volunteering program

71% of employee wants to volunteer in corporate program

Revenue Forecast

hydroponics is foreseen to hit approximately $9.8 Billion by the year of 2028

Solution 5 - Interview Hydroponic Lovers

To understand the user pain points, we've interviewed two candidates to learn more about their hydroponic journey

Meet Chris

A full-time teacher 

I can grab the herbs I need from my garden whenever I want to

Meet Andrew

A mechanical engineer 

My mom got me into hydroponic journey

It's hard to study the pH levels needed for hydroponic plants. 

I sometimes forgot about changing the water

I am confused with the lighting and nutrients for my herbs

I do love the concept but it is not easy to maintain. 

Based on what we've learnt about the market

We proceed with converting ideas into solutions

  • Difficulty in monitoring the hydroponics health status

User's pain points

  • Often forget about watering the plants

  • Learn how to manage hydroponics (user manual)

User's wants

  • Wants to get notified about the plant status

  • How can we make it more accessible for users to monitor their plants?

Opportunity #1

  • Limited funding to support the school programs

Client's pain points

  • Do not have channel to advocate hydroponics

  • Wants to improve user's engagement (gamification)

Client's wants

  • Wants to make hydroponics a popular trend

  • How can help the clients (GoP) to achieve their funding goals and at the same time advocate hydroponics?

Opportunity #2

Alright... let's map things out

Incorporating the research findings into a semi-fictional persona

Design planning 1 - User Persona (Ashton Raleigh)

Ashton says "As a new team member of Accenture, I want to be able to share my team's progress within and out of the app, so that I can visualize how we are positively impacting the community". 

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 11.13.13 AM.png

User Engagement

Active Participations

Immediate Feedback


Design planning 2 - Minimum Viable Products

Based on Ashton's expectations, we listed down the possible items to be included in the app and sort them out based on categories such as: Must Haves, and Nice to Have

Must Have (part 1)


Planting pods 

User manual 





Water pump

pH & TDS meters

Must Have (part 2)

Log in/ Log out





Help & Support

Reminder notification

Chat box & call 

Photo gallery 

Nice to have

Preference quiz 

Dashboard (diary)

Augmented Reality 

Automatic light control 

Automatic nutrient control 

24/7 live support

Design planning 3 - Roadmap for Ashton

Scenario:  Ashton is a web designer at Accenture. He is competitive and health-conscious, and he is also an avid user of social media. Most of all, he loves sharing his experiences with others. Hence, the Aloe app for hydroponics is made for him! 

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 2.09.51 PM.png

Design planning 4 - Wireframe

User Story: Ashton receives a notification from the Aloe app that one of his gardens is in need of nutrients. He uses the Aloe app to order what he needs. In the meantime, he also checks the leaderboard and gets inspiration on what to grow next from the plant menu.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.19 PM.png
Shopping page
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.05 PM.png
Data Tracker
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.47 PM.png
Social Media
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.34 PM.png
Plant Menu

Design outcome - High-fi prototype

Ashton participated in a hydroponics program with his new company - Accenture.

My Garden.gif

My Garden

  • Push notification as a reminder to check the garden's health including nutrients status. 

  • CTA: Sponsor a School!

  • Live view to check the plant's current situation. 

  • Option to edit your garden. 





My Ranking.gif


  • The dashboard showed Ashton's current rank compared to his co-workers. 

  • The scoring overview reminds Ashton of how the points are being accumulated. 

  • Ashton gets to see his ranking for today or of all times. 

Active Participations

My Ranking1.gif

Badging System

  • The search button on the right-hand side allows Ashton to search for a keyword, for eg: names or plants type. 

  • Ashton can also check on the badges he collected over time. 

User Engagament

Plant Menu.gif

Plant Menu

  • Ashton study for the plant manual and decided to add two different plants to the same pod to check if both are compatible to grow together. 

  • He can then add the plants to the cart and purchase them.





Delivery Time!

As the semester concluded, we presented the client with a comprehensive UX package encompassing ideation maps, wireframes, prototypes, and a presentation deck. They were pleased with the results and have decided to move forward with product implementation through the school of engineering.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 7.13.11 PM.png


The team initially faced challenges connecting with the appropriate representative from Green Our Planet, and clarifying their expectations and goals. It took nearly four weeks to discern the project's objectives. Given the time crunch, we executed a site schematic and audit to shed light on the organization's existing challenges. We eventually integrated a leaderboard concept into the product to boost user engagement, but lacked time for extensive user testing. 

Given more time, I'd expand user testing, interviewing corporate employees to assess their interest in a hydroponics-based corporate program. Such insights would refine the design from a novice user's viewpoint. Additionally, I'd develop the social media channel (via the gallery button) to further align with the goal of enhancing user engagement.

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