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Green Our Planet 

STEM programs cater to school gardens and hydroponic laboratories


UX Designer


Product Design

UIUX Design



Kadie Despain

Alice Hsu

Sabrina Hsu



Make hydroponics go viral 

Green Our Planet initially launched their program to cater to school gardens and hydroponics laboratories. However, they are now exploring initiatives that promote not only to the students but to a broader audience as well



Designing a mobile app by using hydroponic growers with the goal of creating a tribal effect with community participation






Green Our Planet is facing challenges in securing funds for school programs due to the increasing trend of community giving in the US. The organization is actively investigating methods to promote hydroponics with the aim of garnering increased public attention, which is expected to contribute to raising funds.


While the stakeholders are aware of the project's needs, they offer a vague direction and goal for approaching it. Communicating with them was challenging due to their tight schedules and the lack of clarity in project goals.

Hence, we decided to conduct a site audit on their current website to help identify underlying issues and determine potential improvements.

Site Schematic.png
  • Excessive sub-pages

  • Lack of clarity in call-to-actions

  • Expired links

  • Outdated contents

  • Navigation is all around places

  • Unorganized content hierarchy

  • Graphics and overall UI can be improved


The site audit significantly enhanced the stakeholders' understanding of their limitations. Consequently, both parties now have a clearer approach to resolving issues and constructing something new aligned with the stakeholder's expectations.

Interview Stakeholders

Co-founder - Ciara

"I want it to feel like Peloton. My adrenaline starts boiling every time I see my ranking drop!"

So... is it safe to assume that we are looking into gamification?

Increase brand virality

Obtain sponsorship

Improve user engagement

Create new branding strategy

Raising Action

Based on the stakeholder's goals, the team formulated a series of questions to determine the optimal design solutions. 


To advocate for hydroponics, we shouldn't limit ourselves to schools; rather, we should explore other organizations seeking engagement among their members. - Team

Our approach 

corporrate giving progream.jpeg

Introduce hydroponics mobile app for the corporate giving programs



Interactions & Engagement


We interviewed the hydroponic lovers to find out how they started their hydroponics journey and what they wish to improve. Other than that, we also researched the potential market for the corporate giving program. 

Need reminders

Forget to change the water pot, resulting in bad planting conditions


Confused about the portions of nutrients and lighting

Study pH level

Difficult to identify the right pH value for hydroponic plants

Big commitment

Perfect concept but requires big efforts to maintain it

Interview Outcomes

Market Research

corperate giving.png


How can we enhance accessibility for users to monitor their plants while supporting GoP in achieving their funding goals and promoting hydroponics advocacy?


We designed a semi-fictional character - Ashton Raleigh to keep the focus on the end-users throughout the design process. This is to make sure that the final product is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the intended audience.

Ashton: "As a new team member of Accenture, I want to be able to share my team's progress within and out of the app, so that I can visualize how we are positively impacting the community".

Based on Ashton's journey, we decided to listed down the possible features to be included in the app and sort them out based on categories such as: Must Haves, and Nice to Have



Must Have (part 1)


Planting pods 

User manual 





Water pump

pH & TDS meters

Must Have (part 2)

Log in/ Log out





Help & Support

Reminder notification

Chat box & call 

Photo gallery 

Nice to have

Preference quiz 

Dashboard (diary)

Augmented Reality 

Automatic light control 

Automatic nutrient control 

24/7 live support



Scenario:  Ashton is a web designer at Accenture. He is competitive and health-conscious, and he is also an avid user of social media. Most of all, he loves sharing his experiences with others. Hence, the Aloe app for hydroponics is made for him! 



Branding: We opted to generate a fresh logo and app name. The introduction of the name "Aloe" received widespread approval as it symbolizes water, aligning well with hydroponics. Additionally, we chose to craft a new logo for Aloe while retaining the original identity of GoP.


Ashton receives a notification from the Aloe app that one of his gardens is in need of nutrients. He uses the Aloe app to order what he needs. In the meantime, he also checks the leaderboard and gets inspiration on what to grow next from the plant menu.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.19 PM.png


Shopping page
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.47 PM.png


Data Tracker
Social Media
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.34 PM.png



Plant Menu
My Garden.gif

My Garden

Ashton receives push notifications for health and nutrient updates in his garden, with a call-to-action to sponsor a school, while also accessing a live view to monitor his plants and the option to edit the garden.

My Leaderboard

My Ranking.gif

The dashboard provides Ashton with a real-time comparison of his current rank among co-workers, while the scoring overview serves as a reminder of the points accumulation process, allowing him to view rankings for both the day and all-time.

My Badges

Ashton can utilize the search button on the right-hand side to search for keywords such as names or plant types and also review the badges he has collected over time.

My Ranking1.gif
Plant Menu.gif

My Plant Menu

After studying the plant manual, Ashton decided to experiment by adding two different plants to the same pod to assess their compatibility, and subsequently, he can add the chosen plants to the cart for purchase.


Aloe by Green Our Planet 

Ashton can now engage actively with his colleagues while simultaneously visualizing the impact he is making on the community

GoP Logo.png


As the semester concluded, we presented the client with a comprehensive UX package encompassing ideation maps, wireframes, prototypes, and a presentation deck. They were pleased with the results and have decided to move forward with product implementation through the school of engineering.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 7.13.11 PM.png


The team initially faced challenges connecting with the appropriate representative from Green Our Planet, and clarifying their expectations and goals. It took nearly four weeks to discern the project's objectives. Given the time crunch, we executed a site schematic and audit to shed light on the organization's existing challenges. We eventually integrated a leaderboard concept into the product to boost user engagement, but lacked time for extensive user testing. 

Given more time, I'd expand user testing, interviewing corporate employees to assess their interest in a hydroponics-based corporate program. Such insights would refine the design from a novice user's viewpoint. Additionally, I'd develop the social media channel (via the gallery button) to further align with the goal of enhancing user engagement.

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